Time Manager

Manage your time effectively

Time is something you can manage, just like any other precious and finite resource. It takes a special kind of attitude to make the most of time, to be efficient as well as effective in using it judiciously and with a plan in mind. The good news is that time management is a skill, it can be learned and applied in a very practical way that most people can easily adopt and adapt to their own ways of working.

By implementing the TMI philosophies of overview, structure, results and control you will successfully avoid much of the fatigue and stress most employees experience in their working days. Whether you use an electronic or paper-based diary or a combination of both, aligning the available time you have with your decision base of tasks and priorities means you get the results you want, at a standard you expect and at a time you need them. Even if this means juggling them a little! Everyone benefits by improving their ability to use time well!


TMI’s flagship Time Manager learning solution, typically delivered as a 2 day workshop, helps you to address work-life balance, take control of your energy levels, reduce stress and achieve your desired results by using skills and applying practical techniques in your daily work and life.


Anyone who wishes to address their worklife balance, achieve their goals, reduce stress, increase energy levels and become a peak performer.

 Key outcomes

  • Better performance and more energy
  • Accomplish the tasks that get you your results
  • Greater flexibility with clearer perspective of priorities whilst reducing procrastination
  • Improved creativity and decision making
  • Reduced stress, irritation and fatigue
  • Reduced risk of failing to meet deadlines
  • Save time by keeping your papers organised



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This course is typically ran over 2 days


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Effectively use the 5 TMI practical principles of Time Planning
  • Sort and organise their work space based on a self-assessment
  • Manage day-to-day workload using practical tips and techniques
  • Deal with e-mail overload
  • Use 29 E-mail tips and techniques for reading, sending and filing e-mails
  • Set practical and achievable goals using the TMI results philosophy
  • Identify the benefits of building and maintaining a decision base of tasks
  • Use a priority matrix to sort important and urgent tasks
  • Manage interruptions, time stealers and implement Red and Green time
  • Use 3 principles for effective networking internally and externally
  • Recognise the importance of the first 4 minutes
  • Instil a philosophy of “Time Being Your Life”!

Tailor this course

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