Key Account Management

Protect and grow your most valuable customers with TACK’s Key Account Management System

80% of your sales will come from around 20% of your customers. The Pareto principle is well known and one that applies to most businesses. It is usually the top 20% of customers – those with the potential to generate the greatest return on investment – which a business will typically define as its key accounts. Consequently organisations wishing to enjoy success will pay particular attention to nurturing, growing and retaining these valuable accounts.

Needless to say, a skilled Key Account Manager plays one of the most important roles in protecting a business’s prosperity. Their ability to understand the implications of the account landscape and consistently identify solutions that work and add value can never be underestimated.


This 2 day course develops the skills required to strategically manage your key accounts.



Those who have experience selling and want to develop their ability to sell solutions that address customer’s priorities and present offers in terms of their contribution to business goals.


 Key outcomes

  • Take away the TACK Account Planner designed to bring consistency to all your key account planning
  • Identify your customers’ true needs and priorities
  • Use behavioural profiling to develop your understanding of how different individuals are influenced and how to adapt your selling style to meet their needs



£1,399 excl. VAT.



The course is held over 2 days. Timings for each day are:

Day 1: 9:00 — 17:30

Day 2: 9:00 — 17:30


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Develop and apply a strategic selling approach for winning and developing all your significant accounts through the application of the TACK Account Planner
  • Apply TACK’s ‘Client Centred Selling’ model to plan and implement your strategy
  • Evaluate your competitive strengths and see yourself through the eyes of your customers
  • Analyse the organisational structure and decision making process within client/prospect organisations
  • Understand and influence different personality types in the decision making unit
  • Identify your customers’ true needs and priorities using TACK’s powerful FIND® investigation model

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