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Upcoming Dates

01 Dec
2 Days

PRO-PAYBACK Selling® in Action

The critical tools and behaviours you need to connect with customers

In such a competitive world it’s the personal touch that ultimately ‘wins’ business. Using TACK’s PRO-PAYBACK® Selling 10 step model, learn how to plan, prepare and deliver attention grabbing offers to prospects/customers, and adapt your style using ‘YOU Appeal®’ to successfully connect and develop relationships with all types of buyers to convert more business.

As a professional salesperson, you need the critical tools and means to connect and communicate with your customers and/or prospects by adapting your own style to suit theirs. This is when ‘YOU Appeal®’ comes into its own. This is the way to guarantee that you personalise your approach to achieve maximum gain.


This fast-paced sales training course develops the highest level of face-to-face selling skills through a range of activities while one-to-one coaching helps to further refine individual approaches.



Those who have completed TACK’s PRO-PAYBACK Selling® course. This course will develop and strengthen your existing skills, adding a new dimension to your selling.


 Key outcomes

  • See yourself in action as your customers see you
  • Receive valuable feedback from other sales professionals
  • Understand Interpersonal Styles and why customers behave differently
  • Learn how best to communicate with each type of customer to build rapport and increase success



£1,099 excl. VAT.



The course is held over 2 days. Timings for each day are:

Day 1: 9 am — 17:30

Day 2: 9 am — 17:30

 You will leave this course able to:

  • Confidently apply the PRO-PAYBACK process to every sales conversation
  • Understand the different personality types you sell to and how to adapt your approach to each
  • Practise ‘style stretching’ as a critical tool and means to enhance professional selling
  • Test planning, organisational and decision making skills with a view to maximising sales efficiency
  • Handle more complex sales with multiple decision makers
  • Examine how platforms like LinkedIn and other social media can be used during the sales process
  • Complete an offer analysis
  • Write clear and effective email follow ups
  • Use best practices for continuing and developing relationships with customers
  • Use You Appeal and a variety of other techniques to win commitment from prospects

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All course dates
All course dates

01 Dec
2 Days